Camera Inspection

Video camera inspections determine the nature of the problem(s) and/or the sewer pipe condition, which cannot be confirmed by snaking or rootering on its own. Camera Inspections are an excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions or potential impediments to the proper flow of drainage.

Whether you are planning to purchase a new home, own an older home or simply plan to renovate your basement, your drains are too important to overlook. Insurance companies today require proof or evidence; hence the underlying hidden defects of a main drain or if your home has a back water value installed and properly working. All this can be determined with a video camera pipe inspection. A detailed report will be composed, complete with a DVD of a sewer camera recording of the affected drain line, to provide proof to the home or commercial building owner with the evidentiary documentation for insurance claim purposes.

Sewer drains / main drains are very costly to repair or replace, so sewer pipe camera inspection should almost always be performed as part of plumbing inspections for real estate home or building sales. Our sewer camera inspection will identify and locate underground plumbing problems. When underground pipe defects are determined to be existing, valuation and cost assessment will be determined and documented for real-estate closings.

For a professional video camera inspection in Montreal, Laval or South Shore, you can count on our Irrimaxx for superior service.